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If a person has a burning desire to embark on long-term relationships, he or she wants to do this with a reliable partner. There is a stereotype that dating services are not able to unite two people forever. Someone states that it is only possible to find a partner for a one-night stand. IndianCupid dating site breaks these stereotypes and proves that it is possible to get to know various people here for various reasons.

In A Nutshell

IndianCupid dating site reviews suggest everyone trying it. The interface is simple and not disturbing, but the main idea amuses. This service cannot boast off a great number of members as mainly focuses on Indian culture. Still, there are some users from other countries who are in a seek of an Indian diamond.

IndianCupid Site



  • Simple design
  • Bright profiles
  • Advanced search system
  • Lots of reviews


  • Not cheap
  • Possible scamming
  • Not many users

IndianCupid.Com At A Glance

  • Main area: India
  • Age: 18+
  • Members online per day: 1000

What Is

If you read a review of IndianCupid, you will for sure come across its history. It dates back to 1999. The previous century has begun the mainstream of online dating. Henceforth, this dating industry has spread out. It means that, nowadays, dating platforms face a lot of competitors. comes from Australia as one branch of the whole tree. At that time, there were some websites founded. They were dedicated to various nationalities. One of them is an Indian one.

How Does Work?

If you save the password from the very beginning, IndianCupid log in will not be difficult. However, if you happen to indicate the wrong email, your account on the dating website will be terminated soon. IndianCupid dating service cares a lot about the users to be real.

This dating platform can show off its elaborated matching algorithms. It shares them with some other sites, however, only a few have the secret. You may chat on the IndianCupid with only paying members for free. In other cases, men are to pay for additional services.

The peculiarity of the dating site is the display of members online. In the upper left corner, you can find a clickable number. When going there, you will be shown all the users active for a moment. does not have lots of them, thus, it is easier to choose.

Sign Up / Registration

Is legit? As soon as you are sure about it after reading all the regulations, you can sign up. You are to indicate only your gender, age, name, email, and password. It takes 2 minutes. Registration on this dating platform is free.

Search & Profile Quality

Like other kindred websites, promises a great search page. As some reviews mention, it is divided into some fields. The first thing that comes to the eyesight is saved searches. When ticking and indicating all your requirements, you may save all of it by simply naming it. In the short run, you are given already all the answers, and there is no need to write all of them one more time.

IndianCupid Dating Site

One will be impressed by the details they can indicate to find their better half. Still, the profile arrangement precedes the searching process. It means that everything one seeks in someone they are to indicate on their own on the profile page. The profiles are of high quality here. It is up to each member whether to spend some time on making it professional or skip it.


Is IndianCupid safe? Dating websites cannot be 100 percent safe. People are so unpredictable, that sometimes they wonder themselves from their deeds. Where possible, the dating service tries to intervene. Members of always run across different tips.

Help & Support

The working hours of the dating service are Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. Given the local time, if you are from the United States or Canada, you may make use of your privilege to call for free. However, if you are not, you can fill in the online form. They respond as soon as possible. The notification will be sent to your email.

Prices & Plans

Is IndianCupid good with basic Membership? Actually, the free trial promises very poor functions. Still, you are bothered with lots of adds, you cannot text anyone you want, you cannot take advantage of the matching system.

IndianCupid dating platform has made up to forms of subscription. More or less extended features you get with the Gold plan. Platinum one gives you unlimited use of the website. Both of them exist in three manifestations. As a trial, you can buy only 1 month. If you want to save up some money, it is recommended to subscribe to a 1-year Membership.


If you are not satisfied with the truth about IndianCupid, it is your choice. In general, it is a dating platform where everything is arranged in a weird way. In such a case, if you are a great fan of Indian culture and Indian women, this platform is the best to opt for.

IndianCupid Dating


Who Can I Meet On

Mostly, the main audience is from India. This online dating platform works in the way, that everyone who signs up here is looking for an Indian partner. It can be European or American, but his views are predetermined. If one is not satisfied with it, they can choose the other one from this net.

Can I Delete My Account?

First of all, terminates your profile, if you look suspicious or have indicated the wrong date. When you use the platform in a secure way, but the idea to deactivate the profile has sprung to your mind, it is possible. It can be done through profile settings. Sometimes, you can be rejected in this request. However, in most cases switching off the account was successful.

Do I Need Platinum Or Gold Membership?

There is not a big difference between these two. Still, if you subscribe to 1 year, you are to pay 2 euros more for Platinum one. IndianCupid dating platform suggests everyone opting for the Platinum subscription.
When one buys it, the get unlimited use of the dating service, translator, add-free platform, etc. As a result, it is worth it.

Where Can I Find Reviews?

There are lots of feedbacks on google. If you want to look through them, you can easily find them by simply writing “IndianCupid reviews”. However, there you may come across some general things. In this case, on the very website, the administration has created the page for love stories. There, everyone shares their success stories with their partners. You may leave your own one when you finally find your love.

How Long Does It Take To Find Your Love on reviews always wonder how much time everyone needs to find the right person. There is no exact answer. Still, it is more than 3 months on average. It is because of Indian brides are not very decisive. They are to think over for some time. Thus, men always wait for them to decide finally to go on a date.