BravoDate Review – Does It Live Up to its Reputation as a Reliable Dating Site?

Updated on Apr 2023

Over the years, Asian women have been the joy of any man who found them. This is because of their loving and warm nature; they are simply easy to love. With this in mind, BravoDate decided to create an online platform where any single interested in meeting a life partner could find thousands to choose from. Regardless of age or location, BravoDate is here to meet the need of connecting Asian singles from across the globe. The easy to operate features and alluring website design make it suitable for men and women of all ages.

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About BravoDate

It also showcases modern dating tools and services that make online dating a breeze. These tools work effectively to search, matchmake and suggest other singles who are interested in meeting with a new member. To access the site, you would need to create an account and provide the necessary information that is required. The website is trying to be safe and does not tolerate spam accounts. The success rate of meeting new women is quite high, some of these matches even lead to marriage. Learn more about the site below:

Ease of Use

BravoDate is absolutely user-friendly. Features are easily accessible and buttons have been placed strategically so that you would not miss them. The website has an extensive collection of single women of different ages so you definitely would find one that suits your taste. You don’t have to be bothered about getting lost among the many.

To be able to access the features of this site, you would need to sign up, complete the registration process and then verify your authenticity. This can be done both on the mobile phone or device and also on a personal computer. The registration process takes about 15 minutes. After signing up, you can then login and start to meet new women. One good thing about this site is that you start to get suggestions of possible matches as soon as your account is completely set up. You can find out how to register below:

Sign up and Registration

Creating an account on BravoDate is very simple. First, you need to go to the website and click on the sign-up button “Join”. Registration is free so go right ahead to sign up. You would need to provide your:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Date of Birth
  • Email address
  • Password

Immediately you click the sign-up button, you will be redirected to another site where you may begin your registration process. To become a verified user and start meeting hot girls, you should register on time. For the purpose of registration, you may be asked to provide some personal information. This is simply to give the matchmaking algorithm enough information about yourself to work with. This information is what helps him to pair you with a lady of like interests. You would be asked to fill in details like:

  • Height;
  • Weight;
  • Religion;
  • Education.

You would also be asked to fill in details about the type of woman you are hoping to meet on the site; age, marital status, number of children, and some other questions. You must provide truthful answers to these questions so that you can be rightly paired with the woman of your dreams. If you submit wrong answers, you may end up with the wrong woman.

While registering, you are required to put up some quality pictures of yourself. This helps to give other users who are looking to connect an image to look forward to. It also counts as a security measure to show that you are a real human and not hiding under a fake identity. You would also need to put in your bio, a short description of yourself and other information you might want to share.

Search and Profile Quality

In a site that is bursting with many pretty Asian women like this, it might be easy to get lost in the crowd and unable to make a choice for yourself. This is why BravoDate has provided its users with two search categories to make this easier. They are:

  • Simple Search
  • Extend Search

The Simple search option, as the name suggests, is just a basic search that allows you to look for ladies using two criteria; age and location. This is usually not precise enough to narrow down your search. That is where the Extend Search comes in, it allows you to choose more criteria in picking the woman you want. In this search option you can zero in on the right one using other filters like:

  • Country
  • Physique (Weight & Height)
  • Habits
  • Children
  • Education
  • Religion and many others.

To verify the validity of the woman you are chatting to, BravoDate has come up with a tag reserved for “Validated Members”. Any user who bears the “Validated Member” sign is a certified member of the platform because this means that they signed up using their official, government-issued ID.

Profile quality of the site is premium. Many ladies on the site love to show themselves off to potential suitors by uploading pictures of themselves taken by a professional. Not just that, there is also room on the profile card to upload video presentations and other significant information about themselves. This way, you can see more about the ladies than just their beauty; you can also look out for intellectual queens.

Safety Policy

With the recent influx of cybercrime on the online space, it is easy to think that many dating sites are not real. But the truth is that BravoDate is 100% legit and free from scam. Many preventive measures have been put in place to ensure that you, your personal information and card details are all secure.

Modern encryption tools and card protection methods have been installed on the site to keep your information shielded from scammers and fraudsters. SSL protocol, also known as Senior Socket Layer protocol, is running on the site to protect your card in cases where you have to pay for services on the website. It is, however, essential to note that BravoDate is not responsible for confidential information you share with any user on the platform. This means that you need to be careful of the type of info you put out on the site.

However, in situations where you feel suspicious of a user who is prying for information, you may stop replying to such a user and report to the 24/7 customer support on the platform. The customer support is available through live chat on the platform, emails or calls.

Prices and Costs of Services

Creating and owning an account on the platform is free of any charges. But if you don’t become a paid member, you would not have access to many other vital features on the site. For instance, to send messages to other singles on the site, you need to buy the site “credits”. You will also need to replenish them if you have exhausted them. There is no monthly subscription, you pay for services depending on the one you use.

Check out the prices of packages available on the site:

  • 19.99$ – 50 credits package;
  • 44.99$ – 125 credits package;
  • 69.99$ – 250 credits package;
  • 149.99$ – 750 credits package.

Here is a list of service charges:

  • Chat – 2 credits per minute with one particular lady;
  • Chat sticker – 5 credits;
  • Sending a photo – 10 credits per photo;
  • Chat video – 50 credits to open
  • The audio message from the lady in the chat – 10 credits;
  • Sending a letter – 30 credits to one particular lady

Pros and Cons

To any venture, there are usually advantages and disadvantages. Here is a list of some of the ones found on BravoDate Dating Site:


  • It has a modern but simple design.
  • It’s almost safe from scammers.
  • It has 24/7 customer support service.
  • The site has a bonus system for loyal customers.
  • It has additional contact exchange, real meeting and gift delivery services.


  • It is a paid membership.
  • There is no monthly subscription feature.


BravoDate dating site is a legit,  almost safe and spam-free dating platform. It is user-friendly and has provided you with everything you need to begin your journey in search of love. The modern matchmaking tools are there to make your search easier and faster. All you need to do is sign up now and get ahead of the game.

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